m e e t :: r a p h a e l

This super-fabulous woman I met when I was applying to Parsons called me a Renaissance girl.

At the time I was distressed, explaining to her, quite inappropriately ...

[ after all, she was a dean, who surely had better things to do than lend an ear to some silly girl in the midst of what was to be one of many identity crises ]

... how I wanted to go back to school for graphic design when I had already gone to school for fine-art-with-a-concentration-in-photography ... how I had at first done the whole art show thing with my photography but then found myself working for the past [ how many? ] years as a graphic designer but what I really loved was making things with my hands ...

... how I had always dreamed of going to Parsons but got my suitable-for-framing BA at a liberal arts college per my father's request that I "have something to fall back on." [ Have you heard that one too? Dear ol' dads, they make me laugh sometimes! ]

... and how I was now going to school yet again, this time at the idealized ... renowned ... oft-dreamt-of ... Parsons School of Design, my beloved art school, where I had really wanted to go in the first place.

Now I ask you, what's a poor dean to do with all that?

Hang up the phone perhaps? After all, I wasn't actually physically present in her office and it could be quite believable that she might possibly have fallen asleep during my angst-filled dissertation ... I'm not particularly known for my brevity, especially when in identity-crisis mode.

But no, she took the sunny high road and listened and encouraged me to continue on, sounding pleased and kind and so very certain that I was some good multi-talented thing, not some mess of a girl who just couldn't focus. And I wish I remembered her name because I'd go right back in there, march up those stairs and kiss her.

Like I did that day, I often torture myself over the quirks which seem to set me apart from the rest of the "normal" daylight-hours crowd ... too many interests ... too many supplies and tools and picking up too many treasures to take home and make something with ... taking on too many projects ... eating way too many Hershey's kisses and not enough dinner and staying up far too long through the night entertaining at least a dozen ideas all at the same time, happily making and doing and creating and finishing.

Renaissance girls are rarely truly finished, even when the end comes. There's always more jewelry to be made and more fun to be had just over the horizon ... and then over that horizon ... and then over that one too. I've seen more than my share of sunrises.

So this is me :: drawing :: crafting :: photographing :: hammering away :: writing :: designing :: discovering :: laughing :: trying to learn not to be too hard on myself :: joyously creating all manner of "things" during most of my waking hours [ and many of my sleeping hours too! ]

Thank you for taking an interest in my jewelry and taking the time to get to know me a bit. I hope to do the same for you someday soon.

Much love,


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