Self Discovery

Modern Magic:
The Power of

By Wolstice

Hello, my name is Wolstice.

I would like to tell you some simple ways to bring magic into focus in your lives. I don’t expect to tell you about the nature of magic, or go into deep discussions about where it comes from or why. I only want to tell you how to find it in yourself and how to use it for yourself in small ways that might be helpful to you.

Are we ready?

The first lesson must be how to focus your mind so you can direct the energy (magic) in the way that you envision. So like any good artisan or artist - we should first take stock of our tools, materials and resources. I recommend that you start a journal for these lessons to help you remember what you what you learn. This journal or reference book is similar in concept to the old “grimoires” of folk in past days.

Taking Stock:

First list all the things in your life that cause you to feel deeply. Movies that brought you great joy or deep sadness, or music that always makes you feel full of joy are good examples. Books, memorabilia, your favorite stuffed animal growing up – anything that you can absolutely positively identify with a strong emotion AND can recreate that emotion every time you see or think long about that item.

Next we are going to categorize these items – very simply – into positive feelings and negative feelings. Don’t be squeamish. Some of the best magic, for the highest good, comes from deeply negative feelings.

You have just identified the icons of power for your personal magic.

The Next Steps:

Over the next few days, spend a few minutes in the morning just as you get up, and a few minutes in the evening before you go to bed – reading the list. Think about the emotion that you have connected with each item on the list. This reinforces the conscious attachment of energy to these symbols for you.

If you find that you missed an item when you were taking inventory – add it to your list in the appropriate place – positive or negative. If you find that an item doesn’t have the same strength of memory that you thought….put a checkmark beside it. Do not blot it out…it might still be useful.

And of course, as new events or items influence you, add them to the listing.

How to use this:

When you think you are ready for the next step, you probably are (ready that is).

To cast a spell using visualization you will need a clean sheet of paper, some colored markers or crayons, magazines that you can cut up, tape or glue, and your reference book.

Determine the nature of your "wish" — is it that your plants grow lush and beautiful (positive)? Or that the neighbors’ cat stops using your flower bed for a litterbox (mildly negative)? Or are you trying to find a new romance (positive)? Or are you hoping your current partner will go away (more negative)?

Whatever it is that you wish —choose a color from your colored markers and write the wish on the paper. BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR….the universe or powers that be are very literal. So don’t wish for a husband — you may only get men who are already husbands to someone else!

Write any other conditions that you may need to clarify your wish. I personally always include that no harm should come to the person or thing if I am trying to dissuade animals or people from doing something that annoys me.

Take your reference book and write the date and the wish and the conditions in it. Then refer to your lists of personal magical icons and decide which emotions match the outcome you want.

Go through the magazines and find pictures that help you to visualize the outcome of your wish….glue them all over the paper, all over the words you have written. They are there to help you focus on the way things will be when the energy has taken affect over the wish.

Now — if you have a piece of music associated with the energy you want to use — listen to it while contemplating the wish. If it’s a movie, or a book — and you have access to it — watch/read it while contemplating the wish. Take the memories of the feelings and let the feelings well up inside of you and focus them on your wish and the paper you have put together for that wish.

Review the paper and thinking about the emotions, focusing them on your outcome for at least 14 days (a fortnight). If you want more power, start on a full moon and end on a full moon. Usually, though, the small stuff will manifest fairly quickly. When you feel you have had results, go back to your journal and put the date and results next to your original entry for that wish or “spell”. If you don’t think you have gotten the results you expected – go back and review your wording. See if you got what you “asked” for instead of what you wanted.

Be very, very careful to start small and stay positive – I cannot say enough times to anyone who wishes to do this that anything you do that negatively impacts someone else, will come back to you three times. In otherwords, if you focus on doing something bad – bad things will be attracted to you three times as much as what you have sent out. The good news is that good things also come back three times. So if you are helping, healing, growing, or gently turning away – you will receive good energy and good events.

Enjoy. Stay safe and well.