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Self Discovery

When Life Gives You Lemons

By Raphael

When life gives you lemons ... Make lemonade.

Um, scuze me, I believe I ordered oranges ... Y'know, for orangeade ... Oranges I say ... Hel - LO !

Always go for what you want. However, there's much to be said for making the most of what you've got. Sometimes life deals you a particular hand and it's healthy to accept this and see what you can do with it. At the very least, it's an excellent exercise. At most, it's a new way of life, one which will renew your frame of mind and keep you afloat through many challenges, head always above water.

Life's lemons:

  • You got fired from your job.
  • You broke up with your mate.
  • You tripped and bunked your head.
  • Your car just broke down.
  • You got in a fight with your best friend.

    Next time you're served up with a nice big bowl of lemons, think of it as life's little detour ... an adventure! What can you do with this brand new set of events? *If* you weren't so upset, what *could* be good or fun about this?

    Yes, I know it's just no fun at all ... really the pits ... but on another planet, in an alternate universe, if it were happening to a character on your favorite TV show, what *could* be humorous, interesting or fun about this situation?

    Let's play a little game.

    I will come up with a scenario and you tell me how you could make lemonade. Come up with as many ways as you can. They can be as far fetched as you like ... anything goes. I'll go first ...

    You got fired from your job:

    Did you truly love that job? Or was that you I heard complaining about it just last week. At work, were you bored, irritated or stale? Will a new job give you brand new opportunities or a fresh perspective?

    Now that you've got nothing to lose, how about going for your absolute all-time dream job? Did you always want to try something completely and entirely different? Maybe life has just slapped you in the face with the perfect chance to go and try that on for size. Did you always want to move to New Mexico but your job had been keeping you here?

    Were you growing in this position? Was there opportunity for advancement? This time, try for a job way beyond the one you just had.

    Do you feel angry at your boss for letting you go? Maybe this is a good time to take a step back and work on your anger. Look at the situation from his perspective and see if you can begin to feel some understanding and compassion. This ability to shift your point of view will serve you well in the future.

    Did you need a break in the name of your mental health? Maybe you needed a vacation. Regroup and rejuvenate. Go see your relatives. Take advantage of the breather you've just been afforded.

    Can you think of anything else? There are millions of ways we can take this situation and make the best of it.

    Now it's your turn.

    Think of a situation where life has given you lemons. How can you make lemonade from what you were given right now, at this very moment? How many different ways can you come up with?

    Any time you haven't gotten quite what you expected and life throws you a curve ball, get creative and think of what you can do to squeeze the juice out of the situation and make it into something new. With a little effort, you may find you're even better off than where you began.

    I welcome you to share your own personal stories and comments. Get in touch: I'd love to hear from you!

    Artwork and Text © 2002 Raphael Blue