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Beauty All Around Us

Learning Meditation
Begin your journey into a new level of relaxation and awareness. A lovely wellspring of guidance and audio meditations are available here. Each meditation serves a specific purpose, depending on what you want to achieve.

Building Self Esteem

For the Little Ones Inside
Welcome to an oasis of calm, soothing gentleness, compassion, loving-kindness and self-nurturing in the midst of a crazy-making world. Come find spiritual inspiration, affirmation, practices for healing, wholeness & empowerment which help us carve safe space for ourselves & help us compassionately re-parent the wounded little ones inside of us: our inner-children.

Love 101
To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance. Before we can truly love another, or allow another to properly love us, we must first learn to love ourselves. Peter McWilliams offers all of his wonderful books online for free. Be good to yourself and go get one. It will change your life.

Self-Esteem for Singles
Find out how slf-image and self-talk create self-esteem. Every day you see and talk to yourself in a way that influences your own emotional wellbeing.

Positive Relationships

Best Known Methods
If you want a great passionate relationship, you need to find out what it is about you or what you do that makes that person feel good when they are with you. People have different rules on what makes them feel good. Learn how to make the most of your interactions for a positive relationship. When you visit this site, explore. There is a lot of valuable information here.

The Positive Way
Discover new, easy; proven ways to create positive, lasting, loving relationships. The Positive Way helps couples, married or unmarried, single people looking for a relationship, and people wanting to improve their self-esteem and create more happiness in their lives. We offer advice on relationships, love, romance, passion, marriage, divorce, stepfamilies, self-esteem development, communication, forgiveness, work and more.

Relationship Support
Even those among us who have been taught how to manage and sustain healthy positive relationships have difficulties from time to time. Having effective relationships that meet our needs requires us to be willing to learn and change the way we relate. Here are tips and information about how to address some relationship concerns.

Self Discovery

Higher Awareness
Is your life not all it could be? Here you'll find precious tools to make the changes you’re longing for. Higher Awareness offers 20 online self improvement workbooks and programs for personal and spiritual growth. They offer both the self improvement plan to serve you and the SUPPORT systems to help you change. Know what you want in life and how to get it; break through limiting beliefs, emotions and habits that hold you back; develop your mind and become more creative and aware; see a bigger picture of your life and why you are here; change your behaviour, thinking and beliefs so you can draw what you need to you.

Help Yourself Grow & Be Happy.
This is a place where you can grow and enhance the quality of your life. You will find personal growth information, self-tests, exercises and mentoring. Personal growth modules are based on the key issues of how you feel, what you believe, and how you live.

Oprah's New Pick
Oprah's Book Club is the most non-exclusive club in the world. To be a member, all you have to do is read! Books can enhance your inner life and here you'll find a complete listing of all Oprah's selections. You can even read an excerpt from her latest pick!

Deep Fun
Exploring the Wisdom of Games. When you find yourself playing and laughing with other people, you find yourself feeling healthy and safe: good, about yourself, about other people. When you find yourself talking with other people about your experiences of fun, your fun deepens. And the deeper your fun, the more deeply healing.

Caring for the Soul
Essays on personal growth and enlightenment by Thomas James Martin. It is his belief that like the sun, the spirit is always shining. To experience either, just look beyond the clouds of fear. When you come to terms with fear, your soul will shine through and your heart will feel uplifted.

Good Thinking
"Rise above the mediocrity of your surroundings." Weekly success column and free hot tips from Patrick Combs, internationally-known motivational speaker, author and television personality. This Web site has received many of the internet's highest awards for content and has numerous links to other resources.


Cyber Psychologist
This Web site is a wonderful resource offering a wealth of information and practical exercises on improving relationships plus a whole lot more. Also a question and answer forum and a direct "Ask the Doctor" option.

Inter Dependence
"SELF-Therapy For People Who ENJOY Learning About Themselves!" Confidential and practical free advice from a therapist. Everything you need is free and confidential. Everything is easy to understand and to use. No self-disclosure is required. There are various options for how you go about using this site. Contact the therapist or read one of many, many articles- it's up to you.

Life Pages Support Group
These pages are here for you to talk about any relationship issues you need to work through, so use this discussion group to talk about anything related to your relationship, good or bad. Please come here to find some comfort and relief from the things that hurt you, and to share your story with other people that may be going through the same experiences.

The Artist's Way

Artist's Way Circle
This free course lasts for 12 weeks. Each week all 12 lessons are posted so you can choose your lesson for the week and work at your own speed. This group's aim is to help you to find your own path, establish your footing and begin the climb to unlimited creative vistas!

The Book: Artist's Way : A Spiritual Path
With the basic principle that creative expression is the natural direction of life, Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan lead you through a comprehensive twelve-week program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks, including limiting beliefs, fear, self-sabotage, jealousy, guilt, addictions, and other inhibiting forces, replacing them with artistic confidence and productivity.

Artist's Way Audio Cassette (Unabridged)
The audio companion to the best-selling guide presents a twelve-week program designed to help listeners recover their creativity, overcome blocks and inhibiting forces, and develop true artistic confidence and productivity. Cameron's soft, ethereal voice moves slowly from passage to passage. The recording was made in front of a small group at Cameron's mountain retreat. While an echo indicates the vastness of the space, there's only occasional participation from her companions.

Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal
A tool for self expression. As well as providing ample space for journaling, this book also features weekly excerpts and quotations from The Artist's Way to guide you along your path. Helpful and inspiring!

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