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Self Discovery

Things I Learned from Mary Poppins:

Sage Advice from a

By Raphael

"In every adult is a little kid
looking to have a good time."
-- Walt Disney

"So is it true you take advice from Disney characters?" you ask.

Of course I do! Especially one as magical and wise as the quirky nanny we all know and love, the one and only Mary Poppins. The woman is brilliant, one of the great minds of her time.

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and - SNAP - the job's a game!"
-- Mary Poppins

We don't have to take life so seriously! Au contre, mon ami... we all need a bit of fun tossed in for good measure, to mix things up and stave off boredom and -yawn- perk things up a little. They may think you're nuts but hey, they may think that anyway! (And what do "they" know anyhow.) Actually, a bit of zaniness goes a long way in keeping one's sanity.

A Few Ideas:

• Become Someone: Change personalities and get into character... flit around the house like a butterfly with your feather duster... be a rock star while cleaning the shower... pick up the misplaced odds and ends in your house to the tune of "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy."

• The Supermarket Date: Plan to do your grocery shopping with a friend. Double up for any formerly undesired task. Almost any job is more pleasant when you've got company. When friends visit, I like to begin casually putting things away (while paying attention to them, of course) while they're still here... there's nothing worse than being stuck with a big mess and nobody to keep you company while you're straightening up. Ick.

• Dress the Part: Need to paint the bedroom? Braid your hair, put on some overalls and a backwards baseball cap... Wanna workout? Don some leggings and (can I say?) a little thong (eek!), crop top, ooh and don't forget your water bottle! (And of course "don't forget to breathe!")

• Workout Combos: Combine two activities... if you normally sit and chat with a friend, instead catch up while going for a walk around the neighborhood... take a little jog while walking the dog... do ab crunches while watching your favorite TV show. Turn couch potato time upside down and make it work for you.

• Hello, Dahling: Get out your cordless phone (or buy an extra-long cord) and return phone calls from your porch... your garden... your jacuzzi (bathtub)... or limo (car).

Don't be ordinary... be extraordinary. When you don't relish the thought of a particular task, think to yourself, "How can I make this fun?" ... be creative... be zany if you must. Take it from our fictional friend. You'll be done in no time and you may even enjoy yourself.

Mary Poppins has many gems to share. Experience her unique charm at the following places:

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Artwork and Text © 2002 Raphael Blue