Self Discovery

The Runes:
An Introduction

By Ankou

History of the Runes

With a recent revival in the use of the runes, it only makes sense to give a brief introduction into the world of the runes. In this article we will touch base on what the runes are, where they may have come from, some of their uses and how they can play a role in our lives today. Later articles will address each of these topics, as well as others, and expand on them. For now we'll just touch a bit on each to get you started.

The runes are an old Germanic writing system that may have also been used for magical purposes. Where and how they actually developed is still unknown. There are a few schools of thought on just how they may have come to be their own "alphabet" which we will cover in a later article. We do know that the runes never developed into a cursive form of writing, which may lead us to believe that they were never really used to keep written daily records. It is still unclear whether or not the runes had resulted in the adaptation of previous "alphabets" like the Alpine "alphabet" or Greek or Roman alphabet.

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