Self Discovery

The Runes:
An Introduction

By Ankou

Contemporary Use

With all the ancient uses for the runes, how can we make use of them in our modern day lives? Surely we have little need to carve the runes onto a shield or sword to give us magical protection, but there still is a "need" for us in the magical sense. Some people use the runes as a method for divining the future while others use them for religious (mostly pagan) rituals.

If you use the runes in divination, making them a part of your daily life isn't hard at all. You can do a daily one-rune reading to start your morning. This can serve two purposes:

1. To become more familiar with your runes you can learn a different rune each day.

2. To provide you with guidance for your day.

If you use the runes in religious rituals, you can add the power of an ancient society to your work, giving you a special connection with not only the runes, but the ancient people as well.

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