An enchanting mix of classical, ambient, and dance music, featuring guest vocalists Sarah McLachlan, Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer and Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, among others.

Strange Little Girls

Tori Amos puts her own twist on 12 songs originally sung by male artists to speak about men, how they see women and how they see themselves. Tori takes on Eminem, Neil Young and the Stranglers.


Our favorite Icelandic elfkin. Bjork's distinctively playful vocals intertwine with lush strings, tinkling bells and subdued electronic backgrounds to create a charmingly unique melodic blend.

Moon Safari [US/UK]

The rolling melodies of Air ("a French Band") will coax you into a carefree state. The music is bubbling and colorful while at the same time pleasantly soothing, light and flowing. Enjoy!

Touch the Sun

A transcendental groove, combining ambient electronics with traditional didgeridoo and shakuhashi. A fusion of Indian, Asian, Celtic and African themes. Energizing and uplifting.


Portishead embodies the ultimate in post-modern cool, experimenting with sultry slow rhythms intertwined with moody feminine torch song vocals in an edgy, atmospheric mix.